Not blocked anywhere.
DNS Resolver Status Details
adguard.com Favicon  AdGuard ( to in 212 msec
adguard.com Favicon  AdGuard Family ( to in 29 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Adult ( to in 247 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Family ( to in 0 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Security ( to in 0 msec
cloudflare.com Favicon  CloudFlare ( to in 465 msec
cloudflare.com Favicon  CloudFlare Family ( to in 433 msec
comodo.com Favicon  Comodo Secure ( to in 367 msec
google.com Favicon  Google DNS ( to in 393 msec
neustar.com Favicon  Neustar Family ( to in 466 msec
neustar.com Favicon  Neustar Protection ( to in 333 msec
symantec.com Favicon  Norton Family ( to in 284 msec
opendns.com Favicon  OpenDNS ( to in 224 msec
opendns.com Favicon  OpenDNS Family ( to in 308 msec
quad9.net Favicon  Quad9 ( to in 363 msec
yandex.com Favicon  Yandex Family ( to in 271 msec
yandex.com Favicon  Yandex Safe ( to in 350 msec

How this tool works?

This tool will query the availability of a domain across the more prominent DNS resolvers in the market. It will report if a domain is resolving, to what IP it is resolving, and if a domain is blocked by a specific DNS resolver. This tool is good to gauge if a domains resolution issues are isolated to a specific resolver, or global.

We will test your domain name against 17 of the most popular public DNS resolvers available.

CloudFlare (Family Filter)
Norton ConnectSafe
OpenDNS Family
Yandex DNS
Comodo Secure DNS