DNS Blacklist

Query multiple DNS resolvers to see if a domain name is loading, failing or blacklisted.




Not blocked anywhere.

DNS Resolver Status Details
adguard.com Favicon  AdGuard ( to in 2234 msec
adguard.com Favicon  AdGuard Family ( to in 2024 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Adult ( to in 232 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Family ( to in 0 msec
cleanbrowsing.org Favicon  CleanBrowsing Security ( to in 0 msec
cloudflare.com Favicon  CloudFlare ( to in 413 msec
cloudflare.com Favicon  CloudFlare Family ( to in 405 msec
comodo.com Favicon  Comodo Secure ( to in 206 msec
google.com Favicon  Google DNS ( to in 207 msec
neustar.com Favicon  Neustar Family ( to in 404 msec
neustar.com Favicon  Neustar Protection ( to in 455 msec
symantec.com Favicon  Norton Family ( to in 14 msec
opendns.com Favicon  OpenDNS ( to in 754 msec
opendns.com Favicon  OpenDNS Family ( to in 0 msec
quad9.net Favicon  Quad9 ( to in 1953 msec
yandex.com Favicon  Yandex Family ( to in 465 msec
yandex.com Favicon  Yandex Safe ( to in 2989 msec